How to leverage the "hint" component

Hey guys,

So I have users recording vaccinations on an app. They record the type, date and next appointment date for this example.

I know the frequency of vaccinations so i would like to leverage the hint component to suggest the next appointment date.

Is this possible?

I have the following in place:

Sheet to recode all vacinations

A separate sheet containing the vaccination name + next appointment date in two separate columns. (I’ve done this so that users can select from a dropdown)


As long as you can construct a logical flow to pull back the right appointment date, I believe you can easily show it using a template and the hint component.

Thanks for the response. So this is what I have:
Three sheets: 1) Dog profile {To link vaccinations to} 2) Vaccinations 3) Dog vaccines {for a dropdown list}

When creating a new vaccination log, I have its a popup from a pets profile. When I then try to add the hint component, its source is the pet profile and not the Dog Vaccine sheet I would need it to pull from.

Any tips here?

Can you clarify at which point you need to show the hint?


So it displays the pet profile sheet but I need to pull from the vaccinations sheet as per image below.

Dog vaccinations:

Pet profile:

So the hint I want to pull through would be as follows:

If “rabies” is selected display “every 1 year”

You mentioned that you’re using the Vaccination list in a Choice component (drop-down). Although it’s not shown in your screen shots, presumably that’s writing the selection to a column in your Pet Profile table?

Assuming yes, then you can add a single relation column in your Pet Profile table that matches the selected Vaccination with the Vaccination Name in your Vaccinations table. Then use a Lookup column operating through that relation to fetch the Next Due Date value.

Side note: I’d recommend adding a RowID column to your Vaccinations table and store that in your Pet Profile table instead of the Vaccination Name. RowID’s are stable and will never change, so that’s a more robust approach.