Retrieving date in appointment list

I’m new to Glide and I’m struggling with a few concepts and I got stuck with the schedule section of my veterinary hospital app.
In order to have the vets checking their next appointments, I added on their profile page a button that’s linked to an appointment table (“appointments”). But this forces me to repeat some information (pet’s pictures, owner names, appointment date, etc…) that is already included in a “master” table (“identification”) where already lives all the information regarding the pets, including their next vet appointement. And the thing is the appointment page would retrieve dates from the “appointments” sheet but not from “identification” sheet. I’m obviously not doing it the right way.

My question: what would be the process to retrieve an appointment date from the “master” sheet instead of fishing from a specific “appointment” sheet?

I’m totally stuck and lost after two days trying different things… thanks for your help


have you tried an inline list?

But the inline list would appear by default on the same page as the one with the buttons, including the one that’s supposed to open the appointment list… I don’t want to overload that page

Let’s say your Appointments sheet includes all the info you need about the pet’s picture, owner names, next appointment date and the vet that takes care of said pet.

In the profiles sheet which include the vet’s email, make a relation matching the email with the vet’s email in the Appointments sheet, set it to match multiple. In the button you use to link to appointments, set the relation to that button’s value in a link to screen action.

Another way is to make a new tab called appointments and filter the email of the vet to “is signed in user”, then sort it by next appointment date.

Assuming you are using some sort of unique id or row id of the pet information in the identification and writing that id to the appointments sheet, then you could create a single relation in the master (identification) sheet to the appointments sheet by ID and a lookup to get the date. This should bring the appointment date into the master sheet which you can use to view all appointments. Likewise, you could do the same in the appointments sheet to get certain info from the master sheet into the appointments sheet. It’s all up to you which would have a better flow.