Referencing Another Sheet

Hello everyone,

New to Glide and have a question on how to reference another sheet, but not using a relation.

I have a workout app with two tabs: Users and Schedule (26 week workout schedule with one workout per day). Each user has a “Schedule Start Date” (i.e., Nov 29, 2019) and the Schedule tab then has a workout for each date.

Each user should be able to choose their own start date in their profile and the schedule should automatically update. Originally, I just linked them in Google sheets, but that only works for the first user.

So, is there a way to run this like a DB where some information can be linked between pages?

Also of interest for the same topic is:

  1. The Schedule tab will have different workout plans (all 26 weeks, but different types). I would like to filter to the plan indicated in the User tab. It’s too prohibitive to repeat the 180 rows in the Schedule tab for EVERY user to have their email address for filtering
  2. I would like to give the user a way to mark the workout as complete, then filter out the complete workouts. It would make sense to have a Log tab and filter that.

the app sits on I welcome any other feedback!

Welcome to the community.

This somewhat simple sounding app is indeed a very complex app in the Glide world. Anything that stores that amount of information for multiple users is a challenge in Glide. You could pull it off with some scripting to create those 182 rows automatically when a new user logs in and starts a program. It wouldn’t be a super complex script, less than 100 lines of well written code. If you are starting from scratch however you would have a lot of learning to do first.