I’m a new Glide user and I have a couple of questions regarding the possibilites.

I work with a basic excel sheet to organize a weekly planning for a team of 15 persons. It works very well as it is and everyone knows what they should do and when as long as I print out this planning and display it to them.

I want to upgrade the method and give an app access to them.

Using the calendar features of a glide app and and importing my sheet on airtable, i want to create a tab with a list of all my team members where we can click on each of their profile (This I know how to do) but I would like to implement a calendar as component (this is ok too) and in this calendar, I would like that the data from my excel sheet be automatically added to the right dates and when the employee goes on his profile he sees that, for example :

  • on June 1st, he will be on “DUTY”,
  • on June 2nd he sees that he will be “OFF”
  • on June 3rd he will be on “RESTAURANT DUTY” and on and on…

Everytime I will update the date on the excel sheet imported in airtable, the calendar should update the data for the right dates and right person.

Of course, this calendar should be unique to each staff member in their own page.

Do you think this is feasable ?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

That should be feasible. As long as your Airtable data contains something like this:

Date User ID Notes
June 1st, 2024 ID001 DUTY
June 2nd, 2024 ID001 OFF
June 3rd, 2024 ID001 RESTAURANT DUTY

Then, in Glide, create a relation using the user ID, make it a multiple match and use it for your calendar.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Could you elaborate a little more on the multiple match and the connection it will have with the calendar as I don’t see where the feature is, please ?

You can check this.