How to force update on users' end?

Whenever I make changes to the Glide app, it is not reflected in the user’s app until the user restarts it (i.e. kill the app first). How do I ensure a real-time update at user’s end?

Do you mean design changes or data changes? Data changes should be instant, but design changes can take a little while to fully refresh on the users end. Stuff like that can require the whole interface and underlying code to reload, so you really don’t want to be interfering with the user 6oo much if they are in the middle of something.

Hi Jeff! Thanks for helping.

I meant design changes. We are developing an event app and we may need to change static info (e.g. text on screen/tab but not data) during the event.

Would you know how often the app reloads the design automatically? Also, is there a way to boardcast a message/nofitication real-time?

If that text is subject to change often and it’s critical that it’s immediately visible to the users, then I would make that text dynamically data driven from a table instead of static text. Then you don’t even have to mess with the builder to change that text. You could have an Admin section in the same app to change the text directly from the app.

It varies. It’s not on a regular schedule. But it’s a heck of a lot better than a native app where you are at the mercy of the user actually running updates on their apps.

Glide does support notifications, but there are currently some issues with it, so you have to enable the beta version in the previews section.


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