How to filter based on a value in another sheet

I have a set of calendar events which are live classes and have data such as Subject, etc. These are on Live Class sheet Many students would have registered for one subject. But, the subject data for each student is on another sheet Students Registration. When a student sees the live classes, how can I enable only the live classes for his/her subject to be shown, rather than all the live classes. I dont see a way of visibility condition based on a cell value in another sheet except email is signed in user. But, in this case, there are many students for one live class, so cannot attach a student email to each live class. Any ideas on how to do this?

I may need screenshots, but I think if you set up a relation column between the Live Class sheet and the Student Registration sheet using Subject, then create a Lookup column to get the email out of that relation, then you should be able to set the Filter by signed in user against that lookup column. The students will only see the calendar entries for the live classes that they are registered for.

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Yes, that worked. I was thinking that because the lookup column would contain many emails, it would not be possible to use Emails is signed-in user. But, I tried and it works. Thanks very much.

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Yes, it works well with multiple emails.