Calendar for Specific Users

Is it possible to make a calendar based on a particular user?

Use Case:
Students from multiple classes use the same app for the same course.
Class A meets on Tuesdays
Class B meets on Fridays

I need two calendars that focus on each class’s specific day but a student will only see their class’s calendar.

I thought I could make a Details page and attach it to the calendar and then make the visibility based on a Class column but I’m not sure how to make that work.


A couple ways to do this. The first would be one Calendar sheet with both class schedules.

  • Add a Class column to the sheet to indicate which class each calendar entry belongs to.
  • Next make sure you have a Students sheet that lists their email address and class.
  • In the data tab of the builder go to the Calendar sheet and Add a multiple reference column to link the Class column in the Calendar sheet to the Class column in the Students sheet.
  • Next create a lookup column to get an array list of student emails from the reference.
    On the Calendar tab, use the calendar style layout and turn on filtering by signed in user. Each student will see only the calendar for their class.

Another method is to have a placeholder sheet with at least a Class heading. This will assume that you have two separate calendar sheets for each class.

  • Create a row in the placeholder and add Class A. Create a second row for Class B.
  • Using the methods outlined above, create reference and lookup columns to get the list of emails for each class.
  • Create a tab in the app and use the detail style layout for this placeholder sheet. Apply filtering by signed in user.
  • Create two inline lists that point to each calendar sheet and change them both to the calendar style layout.
  • Finally, apply Visibility rules to each inline list to only show when the Class column matches “Class A” or “Class B” respectively.

I’d personally recommend the first method as it’s easier.

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