How to concatenate 2 diff calendars in 1 calendar?

Hi All,

I’m new in glide and I’m creating a reservation app.
Currently, I have set 3 different rooms to reserve, the thinks is. I have 2 calendar views “general reservation view” and “individual calendar” for each room.

I would like to have in general view all rooms reservations and into each room see their own reservation(individual).

so, currently im seening all room reservarion in all calendars. (general reservation view and individual calendar)

Does anyone know if that is possible to fix in glide? if so, could you show me how to do it?

Luis GS

Hi Luis,

Have you tried to display your collection of bookings in a calendar view and then filtering this calendar with a choice component? (filtering with a choice component)

Also, Marco created two tutorials for booking apps, maybe these will be helpful.

Simple Booking App Tutorial (No Double Bookings)

Advanced Booking App Tutorial (Step-By-Step)

So do I understand it right that you have only 1 table for bookings, but you want 2 calendars: 1 to show all bookings, and 1 in each room’s details view that show only that room’s bookings?

Hi Nathanael,
Let me take a look those totorials.

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yes, you are right.

What I think is:

  • You have a tab called “Bookings” where you show all bookings.

  • You have a tab called “Rooms”. In the Rooms table, you create a relation to the Bookings table to get all bookings for a room. Then when users click to view the details of each room, you show a calendar inside there, and point to the relation so that only that room’s bookings are shown.

Sounds good.
I will try and let you know.

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