How to extend a City Guide-type app to other cities?


I’ve just built my first Glide App. It’s like the City Guide, but a guide for refugee and asylum services in Liverpool:

I’m planning to extend this 8 more cities in the UK. Would it better to create 8 separate apps, one for each city? Or is there an elegant way to have all the cities to one map? Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated!

Thanks team Glide for creating such an awesome tool!



Hey! Welcome to the community!

It actually depends on the amount of data you have, how you plan to run each city operations (self vs delegated), having the ability for users to browse other city’s data, going PRO, how you plan to promote each app for each city, etc.

You’ve already gone PRO for one city, and I think you can easily customize it to have multiple cities at the top and show all resources for a city one level below.

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Great - @sardamit thanks for this quick reply.

Are there any tutorials or pointers you’d recommend for how to configure it with multiple cities at the top?

  1. Create a separate tab for a list of cities.
  2. Create a multiple relation within Glide’s editor to map the City in the above tab with the cities in your directory.
  3. Create a new tab in Glide for Cities.
  4. In City details for this tab, create an inline list that refers the relation you created in step 2.

You can copy the FREE Events/Conference app from Glide’s Template library to see how this is set up under the hood. You can also check videos on Glide’s YouTube channel to see how relations work.


This is the template I am referring to:

See how Categories are setup at the bottom of the app’s Home tab.



Great :+1: Job !