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I’ve tried many experiments so far but I can’t quite grasp the best way to achieve what I am looking for.

The app is for a street team to visit multiple venues and prove they have been there.
My main issue is how I organise things, in my mind 2 tabs Users & Venues or should I add a visits aspect to it? The purpose is that members of the team (users) visit a specific venue and to prove they have done so they take a photograph and fill in a few key details about the venue.

Venues: I want to display if it has been visited or not (by one or more users)
Users: I want to display which venues they have visited and when.

I know this is all quite generic but pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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Hi @MikeLondon , welcome to Glide’s community forum!

Your app sounds like a perfect use case for Glide: a “field ops” app. Make sure you have a look at Glide’s templates, you might find a template that could give you a head start.

See @Lucas_Pires 's RITUAL method to creating apps.

I like starting with the user experience – pencil, paper, sticky notes, drawing screens and user journeys – and working backwards from there to determine how screens might be built in the Glide builder and how the tables of data might be organized in the Glide Data Editor and Google Sheets.


  • Users (tab) – name, email, image, description, etc.
  • Visits (tab) – venue_name (where), user_name (who), date (when), visit_proof (what, the image)
  • Venues or Choices (table only) – venue_name, venue_image, address, phone, etc. (information that purely describes the venue, if at all necessary)

How you display the components in the builder with date and image pickers and inline lists and whatnot is really up to you. For me it’s easier to start from the user experience and work backwards from there.


Thanks the shoutout :relaxed:

Thanks @nathanaelb for the advice and @Lucas_Pires for the guide!

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if you are using a PRO App then you can use the use current location switch to check in… this way you are 100% sure that someone actually been there.