Review my App please

Kindly review it for me, :weary:
Hospital Management (
Hospital Management: 路 Welcome 路 Made with Glide (

I鈥檇 use less tabs in tab bar and add some in menu. Or restructure to keep 4-5 tabs only in tab bar

Who are your users for this app and the app鈥檚 purpose?

Well I designed it hospital and HMO in mind, for users to book appointments and get in touch with doctors and more

Ok noted. 鈥hank you

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I find it visually stunning.

I agree that there are too many tabs. While you could use the menus, what if you compartmentalize it more in order to need fewer tab and tab icons. For example, instead of a tab for doctors and a tab for admin and lab assistants, you have one tab for 鈥渟ervice providers.鈥 On that tab use the tile format with tiles labeled as doctor, lab assistant, etc. This is the method I use on the Events tab in Festival Chasers. When your users click on the Doctors tile, the are taken to a complete list of doctors. Click on any doctor to find the detail page of that individual.

I also suggest adding tab names to the icons. Your icons alone don鈥檛 indicate what information will be found on the tab.

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Thank you so much, feedback duly noted, i will work on it, thanks again

Thank you, but please can you help with the 鈥渃ompartmentalize鈥 I鈥檓 still struggling to format them, can you help how to go about it

Are you asking in theory鈥搘hat categories/compartments to name?
Or in practice鈥揾ow to set up the glide components?

I mean in Glide components

OK. My app doesn鈥檛 work quite like yours because it is an event/festival app. But I鈥檒l try to talk through my thoughts as best as I understand your app. I usually work with Google Sheets as my data source so that鈥檚 what I鈥檒l be talking about.

Create a sheet called service categories or something similar. Make a short list of options such as doctor, lab tech, lab assistant, etc. Include a column for image so you can upload generic images/icons representing those categories.

Have all of your service providers on one sheet regardless of what their service is. Whether doctor, lab tech, etc. doesn鈥檛 matter鈥揳ll humans on one sheet. That sheet should have a column to indicate each person鈥檚 service category.

Your service categories and service providers sheets should be linked by a relation field based on the category name.

Then in Glide, make a tab named Service Providers, data source is the service categories sheet, group them by category.

In Festival Chasers, you can see how the events tab shows event types (with representative photos). Instead of Bridal or Farmers Markets, yours will say Doctors or Lab Techs.

Next, in my app, when a user clicks on 鈥淏ridal,鈥 they are taken to a page with all of the Bridal shows only鈥搚ours will show doctors or lab techs only.

Finally, click on a specific Bridal Show (Doctor) and go to the detail page of that specific event (service provider).

As I am writing this, I realize that it cannot cover every little click, component, setting, etc. of building it. But I hope that I have helped a little. You will have to play with it using trial and error.

I will also tell you that I learned so much from watching the videos by @Robert_Petitto. I watched his series 鈥淕amify Glide Apps鈥 two or three times and literally built his app as I followed along with the video. While his app鈥檚 topic in no way relates to yours, it was great hands-on training to learn so many Glide features, techniques, and logic. Start his series here.

Finally, when I knew what I wanted the app to do but kept tripping over myself, I had a couple of affordable online sessions with him. Without using 鈥淚T talk鈥 he was able to follow my logic and help me find the right components and settings.

Best of luck to you and let me know if I can help further.


Thanks for the shout out!

@Robert_Petitto you are very welcome. You are my go-to Glide source! Thanks to you, I have launched my first subscription-based app and am marketing some in-house apps for several clients.


Thank you so so much, this is very helpful, i truly appreciate the step by step guide, there鈥檚 a Hospital Here in Lagos Nigeria, they wants me to make a presentation of this App to them Tuesday, I鈥檓 very Nervous
i hope i can re touch the sheets by then

Thank you and if you don鈥檛 mind i still have other Glide App, you can review,

I鈥檓 happy to review it. I鈥檓 flattered that you asked.

I agree with the above-listed suggestions. You need to think of the user in mind. What you need to accomplish.
So each one has their own approach:
A. If for patients, then you will ask them to log in to make a doctor or lab/Xray appointment (just to name a few examples), to see how long is wait time etc.
B. Doctors: They can log in to adjust their availability, bio, photo etc.
C: Hospital administrator: To advertise services available etc
D: Nurses: To adjust their schedule - shift/work time
Hope this help.

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Totally agree, thank you so much for the suggestion, much appreciated

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