Adding a paragraph tab in Glide

Hey guys, I’m currently working on a directory for mental health business owners to list their practice. I’ve added a tab in Google sheets that’s labeled description. I’m trying to display this tab in the app where users can write a paragraph that describes their practice. How would I do that?

:thinking: do you mean how do I add a tab?

Once you have added your tab you then need to set up the tab screen configuration to allow the user to add the description.

If the app is public then just a button that opens a form (for users to input data) that would be a simple solution, like this example below (in the glide documentation)

You can then show the results by creating, for example, a details screen with a text field which is bound to the data you captured


@Bedrock_Counseling Are you sure you need a tab, and not a column?

Hey Jason, I really appreciate your help. I followed your instructions and I created my form button. Thanks man!

Hey Pablo, thanks for inquiring, but I was able to figure it out. Thanks again. I’m new at this, so please look out for a lot more of my questions. Lol!

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One more question Jason, since this will be a therapy directory, I want it to where potential clients can view what therapists have created in their own from button. The form button will not be for potential clients, but a way for therapists to condense the amount of information that they want to include in the app when someone is scrolling through their directory in the app. Does that make sense?


So to confirm

  • Therapists - They can view and add data

  • Clients - They view data that the therapist enter into the app

If so you need to think about how you set up the app with regards to access levels and permissions.

I would recommend that you have a read of the documentation and implement what you feel is best for your app.

Here are just a few links that I hope will help.

Also if you prefer to learn by watching rather than reading then check of the glide YouTube channel


Hey Jason, instead of adding the form buttons, I went ahead and added several note tabs that are all labeled, such as Specialty, Ideal client, and etc. That way potential clients can view what therapists have listed. I will definitely check out the Glide YouTube channel. Thanks again. I really appreciate the help.

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@Bedrock_Counseling hey no problem my friend.

Just keep playing around, read the documentation, watch videos etc.

Many topics are discussed on this forum so more often than not you will find the answer to common issues by simply searching on here.

If you have any questions just ask on forum, you will find everyone very helpful.

All the best for your app.