Map with routes and different markers


I had a question about the integration with Mapbox on the GlideApp.

For a project I’m doing, i’m making a city route app where people can cycle from point A to B to C etc. and learn about the history of their hometown.

I tried to make a trial of the app with the glide application and noticed that i’m not able to make a map style or a mapping API within the GlideApp.

Specifically I’m looking for two important things within the map. First of all it’s important to connect the different points/markers on the map with a line/ visual route, so that people can follow the route from A to B with a beginning and end.

Secondly I want to integrate different colored markers to differentiate certain aspects of the route like café’s or stories for example. I know I can work around this problem with different tabs, but it would be a nice feature to add if possible.

I know all of this is easily possible with Mapbox or Google Maps, but I don’t know if or how this is possible within the GlideApp or if I can code it in some way with some spreadsheet magic.
Any help or guidance is much appreciated!

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Did you ever figure this out? This is exactly what I am trying to do too!

Hi @Colleen_Healy , there was a recent thread on a similar topic. Let me try and find it for you. I think I remember somebody recommending to use My Google maps I think? Give me a sec.

Here ya go! City tour visual map

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Thank you so much for sharing this info! Have a great weekend!

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