Active navigation on city guide

Can I create a map for moble use that will have an active navigation abilities?
This means that the user will be able to see his location on the map while moving.

in Glide you will need a PRO App and a google script

OK, and then it could be doen?

yes, but it will have up to 5-10 seconds delay

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Can I insert audio files at selected points on the map? so when a user gets to a point he plays and hears audio?

Glide doesn’t have an auto-start function yet for the audio player… so… you can insert it… but it won’t play without clicking play

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grate thanks

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Can I draw a walking route on the map?
Can I have markmy points on the map in order 1, 2, 3 ?

  1. no
  2. yes

OK, How do I mark piont 1 2 3?

use a map as a inline component, and have a list of addresses or geolocations

But how do I mark the icons on the map 1 2 3 so that the user will now were to begin and were to end?

that is not possible… you can put titles of these items as 1…2…3 and it will show in the detail view

Can I put a different icon on the first point? so that users will understand were to begin?

It is a culinary tour map, I need a rout that users will understand at least were to begin the tour

no… Glide is not a host of that image… so only advance CSS can do a trick

OK Thanks

@ranvardi you can put icons on a map

Have a look on this post -it might help you.

Instead of the icons I have put in you can put in number icons. And possibly recenter the map each time the user click a number. The template can do that actually.

Looks grate @Krivo but I didnt understand how can I take my map on Glide to this options?

The map is not interactive. As you can see the interaction is done by use of buttons. Don’t know whether that will work for you.

Further you need an api key for mapbox to use the static map.