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Hello everybody!

I’m doing my second glide app. I’d like made a simple city tour app, where connect the different cultural points on the map (museums, square, churches, etc …) with a visual line always view. I’d like that the people can see the line of the tour and follow the route from A to B to C to D to E, ecc…
esempio mappa

Is possible create a tour with visual route?

If I create two tour, is possible differentiate them whith markers and two line to different color (as in the immage)?

If someone help me, thank you so much! I just ask to simply explain me and step by step what i have to do, please. :slight_smile:


Hey Sonietta,

Looks like we both are kind of in search of a similar solution or implementation. Even i have been searching around the community and youtube about if and how people would have implemented city-tours etc.

One interesting one that i have come across which might not solve your issue but might be a good pointer to look at is

Lexington by Foot and Phone - Showcase - Glide Community (

At this point i would leave it to the Guide gurus to answer your query on availability of such an option for path ( which for now i have bumped into yet ).


Short answer is it’s not possible with Glide’s map component/layout. However I would suggest trying to embed a Google Maps and search for threads related to Google Maps in this forum.

Hi Sonietta,

Hi, I’m Harry Forsdick, the author of:

Lexington by Foot and Phone (LFP)

Let me share some ideas I have in relation to self-guided tours:

  1. Everybody has a different thing in mind when they say “self-guided tour”. I have implemented my version of that meaning in LFP. I come at this topic from my wife’s desire to provide visitors to our town with a tour of historical attractions in our town (Lexington, Massachusetts, USA), the place where the American Revolution started in 1775. She wanted to build a number of different tours with different topics primarily in the areas of history and architecture.

  2. I am a programmer as so wanted to make the platform I created for hosting self-guided walking tours to be usable by others who have knowledge of their hometowns that they wish to share with visitors. Since not many people are programmers, I have recently taken another pass through my entire app to create an interface if the user has the proper credentials for writing and editing new walking tours. This uses the excellent forms components allowing a non-technical user to c reate and edit the various stops on a walking tour by writing text and providing content in other media that make up the tour by just filling in blanks in a form.

  3. Regarding your specific question, I recommend Google MyMaps as a website you can jump from your Glide app to show a map of the stops in your tour. Google MyMaps is a general map authoring website that I am using for my overview maps. For example, if you click on the following:

        Show Map of Entire Tour

    you will see a Google Map with details I added about a walking tour of the Lexington Battle Green using Google MyMaps. The advantage of using Google MyMaps is that you can use all of the good stuff Google comes up with for their mapping activities. In particular, on a smartphone, a user’s current location will be seen in relation to the various tour stops. This helps them get on track of they are headed in the wrong direction.

– Harry


The reference to Lexington by Foot and Phone in Showcase is pretty out of date. A better reference is the currently released version:

which is the currently released version of the app.

As noted in a previous reply I am currently working on an better version which has an authoring interface with is aimed at non-technical people. This is a major improvement over this version.

– Harry


Thanks everyone for your answers!
I will definitely try MyMaps!
Can not be done upload it inside Glide App, Is it not?

I believe you can embed other programs in a Glide screen using the WebView component, but you must purchase a Pro plan (which costs $288/year) for you app.

Oh ok, I get it.
Thank you very, very much!

Unfortunately, you can’t do that with glideapps. I had the same idea making Montreal’s map for tourists via glide, but couldn’t find a solution.

Thanks so much to everyone.
If anyone finds a solution, please show me here. I’ll do the same! :wink:

I think your conclusion is overstated.

It all depends on what you want to do. I have managed to develop a self-guided walking tour app that does just what I want. It may not be a guide to everything you may want to do (e.g., alert you when you are close to a point of attraction), but:

Proving a negative is very difficult to do. Someone may come along in the future and figure out a way to do something that no one else has done so far.

I do think it reasonable to say, “I haven’t figured out how to do what I want to do.”

– Harry

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Hi @forsdick , thanks for sharing your very cool app. Very nicely laid out and great flow so inspired a lot of thoughts on how to approach the way I use Maps in my own app. I did want to ask about your My Google Maps implementation because when I clicked around your app, it showed Mapbox, not Google maps. Did you update it or is it somehow working under the hood of Mapbox?

Thanks in advance

The only inline maps I show are indeed map box — because that is the only inline map Glide supports. There are some places where I offer directions when I go to an external map in another screen. And sometimes I use Google MyMaps to produce static graphics which I include as images.

Glad you like the app.

— Harry

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