Hi, I'm Harry Forsdick

Hi everybody. I’m Harry Forsdick a retired developer who has been around a block. I worked for BBN – Bolt Beranek and Newman, the company that built the ARPANET IMPs and then participated in the development of the Internet. My area of interest was early applications on the Internet. I did some of the early screen sharing applications on the Internet and then focused on Zoom-like applications – only it was 1990, not 2020…

Right now I am working on developing walking tours on smartphones and would appreciate any advice about how well suited glide would be for creating smartphone walking tours. I’ve seen the one topic about this that occurred in February 2020 and then seemed to die out. Any more ideas on this are most welcome. Here is the URL of my current walking tour app that is made up in the Weebly editor: http://visitlex.weebly.com


It seems to me that it should be possible to build walking tours by just linking together multiple screens and then having a way to navigate forward or backward. Any ideas appreciated. Question: does the mapping capability show the current location of the phone?



Mapping can show the user’s current location on a map. You can also calculate the distance a user is away from an address.

The map layout can show various points on a map and/or a list view of the places.

If you don’t want points on a map, but rather screens with next/previous buttons, the increment action on buttons would work well for this. There has been discussions on here about using Increment for this.

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