Make Glide maps editable on Mapbox Studio editor

Would be awesome if we can log on to Mapbox Studio to customise the integration instead of utilise just a few standard themes on the Glide editor.

Mapbox studio lets you do a lot of things, from detailed visual edits to fancy features like AR mapping etc. I believe its just needs an API integration so I don’t see why it would be too complex for Glide.

We could create our own account on mapbox perhaps and manually add the API perhaps? All in all would just love to have the customisability options in Mapbox Studio for my glide app.


I would take advantage of this for sure.

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Integrating Glide to Mapbox Studio sounds very complex to me. It doesn’t hurt to ask I guess.

Quelqu’un pourrait-t-il me dire si il existe un tuto pour l’utilisation et la personnalisation de mapbox ?? je trouve cette partie très mal expliquée. je ne comprends rien. merci à vous.

What do you mean by customizing? Currently you can not change the look or style of it. You can only use it to display points on a map.

I hope that we get this :star_struck:

This would be a very useful integration because Maps have many different uses.

If it would be too difficult to give an unfettered integration so that you could use the MapBox editor, how about adding some additional arguments to the Maps produced by this component such as:

  1. ([Left, Centered, Right] and [Top, Bottom]) Title Label for Map (literal or reference sheet cell)

  2. ([Left, Right, Centered Above, Centered Below]) Labels for Map Pins

Extra Credit:

  1. (Automatic Non-Overlapping Placement) Labels for Map Pins

  2. Distinguish one item in a list of locations to have a different color map pin from rest of the pins. This could be used, for example to designate a “starting point”.

This would make the Map component much more useful than the one currently available in Glide.



I have come across other application development websites that are all about maps and their customization. It would be great to be abe to integrate such a mapping tool withing glideapps.

Here is a platform I wish I could integrate into my glide use or at least find a way to do teh same on Glide: