Can I use other features of Mapbox

I have a form that uses mapbox draw a polygon so that we can know service area of a vendor. Is there any way to show this data on the current map in glide?

Not using the map component. You’d have to create the custom map and then display it in a web view component.

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Embedding it with Web Embed Component makes sense. The only problem is that it wouldn’t be able to reference the data within Glide right? Or does the Glide API allow for this?

How are you referencing dynamic data in Mapbox? I used to use Github to embed Mapbox, and Experimental Code column allows me to insert variables in the Mapbox code. Maybe that’s one way you can do it.

They create the polygon in my form which would then ideally store the GeoJSON data (coordinates) in glides database. To which, I would then place the map in the web embed component and have it reference the specific data of each post to show.

So users fill a form in your app, and then you will have a list of coordinates as your input for the map?

no users fill out a form on our website that sends this info to our glide app.

Then how do you get the list of coordinates? As long as you have the list of coordinates, I think you can do something with Github & Mapbox.

I think there is miscommunication here. The form uses mapbox where the vendor draws polygon. Mapbox translates that polygon into a set of coordinates that will be submitted in the form as an array into glide. Would then like to have Mapbox reference that set of coordinates and display the polygon on each of vendors profiles. If i have to use something outside of Glide I will. But i need it to know which set of coordinates (the polygon) are connected to which vendor profile so would be so much easier using glide.

So all of this happens on your website and not in Glide, is that correct?

And you have figured out a way to already submit the list of coordinates through your website’s form to Glide, just not the info of the vendor?