Display GPX files on a map

Looking for recommendations on how to display GPX tracks (GPS recordings) on a map within Glide?

I believe the Glide’s map component/layout only takes address in text and coordinates as inputs.

Thanks, I’m currently using the webview component to embed GPX tracks uploaded to external platforms like Wikiloc, Outdoor Active, Komoot, ViewRanger. Here’s a helpful list of services.

I wondered whether anyone can recommend an API that processes GPX files. The goal is simplify the process and keep control over my content.


Hi Ric_1,

Did you find a solution for your desires functionality? I too would like to add GPX tracks for users to follow directly in my app project.

Unfortunately not, I started using Mapbox API to display maps with pin markers (very simple) but encoding polylines or writing GeoJson to display tracks was too complex for me. For the moment I gave up but will keep the post updated should I find a solution.

For my purposes I have been able to build a route in Google Maps, save the link and convert it to a gpx file. From there I put the link to the gpx file in post on a website. I’d love to be able to do this in a Glide app for turn by turn directions for users. It’s rather tedious the way I do it now. I edit photos of maps with route overlay for a visual to accompany the link for now. I’ll share when I find something better.