How to use Google Map instead of mapbox

Hi all, I’m new in this community.
Does anyone know how to use Google Map instead of Mapbox when you want to use Map function?

Mapbox doesn’t work well in my country.

The default supported map is mapbox, when you say it doesn’t work well do you mean it does not show the right location?

Probably you can try to load google map in WebView and passing the co-ordinates in url. Just a thought. No idea, if it works.

Another question is that are you using addresses or coordinates for the map?

in my case, some addresses are wrong, some are just not shown at all, no clue why.

I use addresses, whould coordinates eliminate the missing displaying of addresses or wrong positioning? is there an automated way to insert coordinates?


You can try this:

Yes I found it in another post I’m doin it now.

Seems there is still some issue.

Even with coordinates it’s not giving me the map but only the list and says I’m out of limit in the app.

Some addresses are only a name and a city, maybe that’s the reason, but the map component doesn’t have a filter system

How many are you trying to display?

23, but I’m using coordinates now

edit: ok so: the sheets add on gave completely wrong coordinates, dunno why, maps just doesn’t recognize them, will investigate.

I confirm that the add-on’s coordinates are completely wrong, with manually selected coordinates it works, but I’d prefer an automated tool doing it

Make sure your address is as detailed as possible.

I’m sorry I think I should have specified that I was not using the method you linked, I was using a google sheets add-on that was giving wrong coordinates.

After searching the forum I found this one
Google Maps Formulas for Google Sheets - Digital Inspiration
That works nicely and now it’s working, Ihaven’t checked your link yet I hope I’ll find time to

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Hi all, does anybody know if Google maps and the solutions presented here play well with Glide tables or if we should stick with Google sheets if our app uses maps a lot.

@takuhisa Do you mind me asking which country it doesn’t work? I had some friends in Tokyo that I was hoping to let them use my app but if Mapbox doesn’t work well, then that kills that strategy.

Thanks in advance!

Depends on your situation. Mapbox can be hit or miss when geocoding addresses into the correct coordinates for points on the map. Google is better at it, but for cost reasons, Glide has opted to use mapbox instead for the integrated maps. The ‘View Address on Map’ action still redirects externally to google maps. If you plan to rely on scripting to use google services to geocode address into coordinates, then if would be better to use google sheets. If you don’t have any plans to manipulate any data to geocode addresses, then where the data is stored doesn’t really matter. It can be in Glide Tables or Google Sheets. It’s just data, such as an address or coordinates.

I believe some people have had success embedding a google map through web view. I think you would have to obtain a google maps api key and build out your own urls for the web view, but that would be a possible option if you need to see google maps instead of mapbox.


@Jeff_Hager Jeff thank you so much! I hope you’re on Glide’s payroll as you’ve been an invaluable help so far. I really appreciate your time.

Yes as I’m to Glide, just trying to plan and organize my setup before diving into the details and one of the themes I’ve noticed from others is that Glide Tables works faster thus improving the user experience? But I’d hate to dedicate a few months into it only to find out there was some special feature that I needed from Google sheets (ex. Google scripts as you mentioned or ability to use FILTER per this thread: Extremely slow load time for 41k GDE rows - #9 by Jonathon_Kohn)

But yes, I really appreciate how Mapbox was chosen as the default due to the cost savings. Thanks again Jeff!

Although I’ve built a few apps based purely on Glide Tables, I think it’s always wise to still link it to a google sheet, even if you don’t use it. I only say that because currently you can’t link to a google sheet after you have created a glide table only app.

I personally try my hardest to avoid having any logic in the google sheet. If I can achieve the functionality in glide, I will do it there. That’s where the speed comes into play the most. If you are using formulas or scripts in a google sheet, then you are at the mercy of that sync time between the google sheet and glides copy of that same data. The app always syncs with glide’s database, but then glide servers sync with the google sheet. Think of it like a duplicate database copy.

I don’t really think a google sheet will necessarily slow down an app, because there is no direct connection between the app and the sheet. I think it more depends on if you are trying to perform additional calculations on the google sheet. Also some speed issues people see is probably due to the sheer amount of data they have, how many calculations are performed with that data, and how many additional assets are trying to load (such as images). When a user opens an app, it essentially copies that entire database to the device and performs all the calculations and computations locally on that device. All in all, there is no issue with mixing google sheets with glide tables. If you are confident that you will not need any google sheet functionality for a particular table, then use a Glide Table. If you want to keep your options open for a table, then use a google sheet.

It’s good to plan ahead, but in all honesty, it’s probably going to happen that you discover that you’ll need to structure something differently at a later time. I’ve restructured my main app several times. It’s google sheet based, but over the past couple of years I’ve restructured it so some scripts weren’t required anymore and moved a lot of sheet formulas into glide columns that perform the same calculations. There’s always something that could be done better and I’ll probably never be finished making changes.


new here. I want to display markers for 200+ countries but It seems I’v e reached the limit already. How do I extend Mapbox so I can show every country?

If I recall right, limit for free apps is 10 pins. You must upgrade to Pro to display more.

Good afternoon, how could I calculate the coordinates using ARRAYFORMULA. When I type .=ARRAYFORMULA(GOOGLEMAPS_LATLONG(F3:F)) it produces #ERROR!. Error ReferenceError: LATLONG is not defined (línea 114).

If you’re using a custom function like the ones in the link then arrayformula won’t work.

Thank-you. I suspected as much.

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