Bring your own maps

It would be great if we could have an option to bring in our own preferred map provider into Glide.

For instance, we would use Opencage Data for the geocoding which we can perform within our Sheet using their JS script and API, but utilise Stadia Maps on the front end.

Stadia has great ‘no bullshit’ pricing, with generous daily limits. They’re cool guys too.

Their vector maps are compatible with Mapbox’s open-source rendering libraries. Implementation is fairly simple in that you change the URL in the style to point to Stadia Maps instead.

Then, we could also have the option of the map linking through to Google Maps or Apple, as it currently does.

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you can do that with the new web view feature

Be aware that some sites do not allow their content to be embedded, and web view won’t work with them.

Also this is a post from one month ago and high chance he already knew about the feature.

yeah but on google maps you can get an embed link

Just a warning and his main point is bringing his preferred map providers into Glide, which might not support the web view.

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Yes, as @ThinhDinh says, my main point was plugging in a different map provider for which we would pay ourselves for the API calls.

As it currently stands, I like the way Glide handles maps as it shows a static version (png) in the components, that when clicked will take you to either Google maps or Apple externally.

This will save them tremendously in API usage with Mapbox, which a couple of years thought it would be a great idea to follow Google and raise their pricing 1000% (used to be $0.50 per 1,000; now is $5.00 per 1,000).

The only issue now is the lack of clustering on search results.

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