Interactive map

Good morning everyone, or at least all those awake. :blush:
Looking for a solution for maps on the internet, I found this interesting free service that I think could solve some situations that interact with map management:

If someone more experienced than me would like to take a look and make a custom map interact from this code, in glide, that would be great.

With javascript you need to use a nice trick…

  1. create your own web page wherever
  2. check to make sure you can include it in a Glide webview
  3. add in your JS, iFrames, etc to your own web page
  4. see if it works
  5. play with integromat, etc to get the data out of the other system back to your glide environment
  6. you might need to use Glide webhooks to get data from Glide into the other system

And it might just work :wink:


Here;s a question that might seem crazy…
is there any way of presenting data from a Google Sheet … in a Webview on Glide.

I am looking at faster response time, and the webview component will display as soon as the data is available in the app/sheet… but there is around-trip time for Glide to pick up changes, and then push out to the device/s.

I came across this - How to Embed a Google Sheet in a Website

might be worth me exploring at some point…

I used to do that before I learned about Glide :slight_smile:

Unless things have changed since the last time I looked, I don’t think it will help your use case, as all you get is a static view of your data that updates once every 5 minutes.

Ah, that would definitely be a bad thing :slight_smile: and won’t help me in the slightest :wink: