Associating markers in map view

I want to build a pickup & deliver application.
What I really miss is a map view, where the start and end address markers are associated. With the best case, by connecting them with route recommendation lines AND color/icon coding (the same for these 2 addresses, different from others). With a minimal solution, only with the latter.

I would also mark addresses where the current user is assigned to.

Can you suggest a workaround for this?

The built in map is limited. It would be easy to show the points on a map, but it doesn’t handle routing and route lines for navigation. Customization of colors or icon is also not available.

You can use the location component to capture the user’s current location.

If you needed something more robust, you would probably have to look to linking to an outside website by building a custom url and opening it through an open link action or possibly through a web view component if the outside side allows for embedding in the app.

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Thanks for the answer!
I could display the routes on an embedded map (with the code here: ) but I’d also need to enable users to assign themselves to routes.
Is that possible at least? (I totally understand if Glide wasn’t built for this functionality.)

Any input from the glide app that ultimately gets synchronized to a google sheet will fire an onChange trigger. If you can create a google script to create what you need, then you can attach that script to a trigger (only onChange works) and ANY time the sheet is updated, it will fire that script.