Map Inline List to Google Maps

I have an inline list of orders based on their delivery address showing on a Map component.
How can I view all rows in google maps app? Can i construct a url or etc. and view the pins on the google maps app for the driver to deliver?

Not sure if I can help with the rest of the problem, but I can provide some assistance with the “opening a specific address in Google Maps” problem. Google actually has a way to set up links, by typing and then entering an address, place, country, state/territory, or business name. Here are some examples… Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC Park

Feel free to play around with my examples!
Hope this helps!


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Thank you
yes i am aware of that, but trying to see how far this can be taken with the URL
currently reviewing this link

I would want to show multiple pins on a map. I also want to find out if Google Maps can suggest the best possible route through the pins

I don’t have as much experience with that, but I’d say to definitely look at the Maps API documentation because I know it can be done. I can make some sort of an example later when I have time.

So I assume you only want to use Google Maps because you want to see multiple pins on one map (which is also available in Glide), and you want to calculate the best route?

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I want the driver to view a route.
In Glide clicking on a map with multiple pins isn’t triggering the same action as triggering on a map component with 1 pin which opens google map.

So I assume you would need some sort of a “view route” embed, but you would still need to show all orders in the app so the driver can view the details of an order?

yes some sort of route. other than that the pins alone on google map would be enough. No need for any order or glide data to show there. when the driver reaches a location , he would have to switch from Google Maps back to the Glide App to view order details at that location.

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Mapbox does have something like that, they call it Optimization API.

I think you can use their example to deploy something in Github, to be used as an External Code column.

The result would look some what like the image above, you can embed it in a web embed component.