How to expand on searchable data in a map search bar?

I have a dedicated map layout tab for a list of vendors and their locations. I’d like to keep this layout strictly map, not map + choice components to achieve any filtering.

I expect that representing the vendors on this map is useful to the majority of my users. But some will benefit from a map based primarily on their locations. I know I can represent one and offer in-app filtering for the other.

In my original configuration, I was using vendor coordinates, some of which are shared between vendors. In those instances, two things were happening (Mapbox GL JS/Glide limitation?) in the default view of the map:

  1. No good way to represent multiple map markers at the same location
  2. Without clustering and severe overlap, unique markers were not tappable.
  3. In the details pane below the map, Glide displayed just one vendor at that location (the 1st vendor based on sheet order).

So I switched to representing locations on the map and setting up relations to tie vendors to them. This is almost satisfactory except I’m not comfortable banking on users finding their way to the in-app filter to access vendors. I’d much prefer it if in addition, they could search for vendors.

I’ve tried a few ways to pull in vendor information in the search bar. Using a Join column on my vendor relation (or a template of it) and mapping that string to either the Details or Caption data fields does not work (neither of which are options I want).

As far as I can tell, the search bar only reads data mapped to the component’s Title property. Oddly, in GE, Join or Template columns will not display when used in Title fields but work fine elsewhere.

So, ideas anyone?

I’m not sure about this but wouldn’t the search bar reads anything used in the details view? Do you have them in a component in the details view? (You can hide it using a condition that is always true).

In details view it will read everything, yes. But I have map view. Can’t display multiple locations in a map component. It’s also much smaller and no pinch-zoom. Unless I’m missing something…

Yeah this is the part I was not sure about. I read @Jeff_Hager’s discussion with somebody on here probably just a few days ago regarding searchable data in map view but not sure if it has come to somewhere.


This was the thread. Haven’t taken the time yet to verify how the search is working with maps.

One idea for you would be to have a sheet that can hold several filter values. Make that sheet your tab, but in the detail layout view of that tab, only show one button and one inline list with the map layout. Set the button action to be ‘Link to Screen’ ‘This Item’. This would give you a separate screen to set all the filters. Then you could use single value columns, or relation and lookups, to bring all of these filter values into the business listing sheet. Set up a series of if then columns to ultimately show a true or false that you can use for filtering.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager I missed that post – my eyes were scanning for “map.”

I’ll work through your proposed solution. I really don’t want to have anything other than a map on that tab.

I think in the past, an inline list set to map had a preset size. I see now that as long as that inline list does NOT have another component below it, it will expand to full view. I tested having a hidden Vendors inline list with a Locations inline list directly below it set to map view and visually, it’s the same as pure map view on a tab. Of course I don’t know if a hidden inline list with the vendor values will help any.

Problem: Normally, if you have show search bar enabled on a tab it will read from any/all inline lists’ titles on that tab. However, as I’m seeing now, if one of those inline lists is set to map, I can’t enable the search bar on that tab to begin with. @Mark is excluding inline (map) lists from search by design?