Synchronized filtering between map and list component in Glide Pages app

I have this template with on the first screen a map component (to show locations) and below it a list to show the same data in list format.

On the map component I have enabled filters and a search bar.
Is there a creative way to synchronize the filter on the list component with the filtering that happens on the map component?

Here you can preview the template: Connected Car Demo Page

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In Apps, the search bar can search across multiple Lists/Collections. In Pages, it appears to isolate the search to only work with it’s respective collection.

The only thing I can think of would be to create your own custom search. Ideally, I would create a new single row table to function as your tab table. In that table, create a user specific column to hold a search value. In your vehicles table, create a Single Value column to retrieve that user specific search value and populate it across all rows. Then create an IF column that will first return ‘true’ if the single value column is empty, then add subsequent ‘includes’ checks for all of the columns you want to search to see which ones match the search value. If you get a match, then return ‘true’. Else, if nothing matches, then return ‘false’. Do something similar for any other filtering you want. Finally set your map and list collection filters to only display vehicles where the IF column value is ‘true’.


Tim, we have the same issue…did you ever find a solution? thanks, Wayne

There is no native solution to this. The best workaround would be the one that @Jeff_Hager offered in the previous post.


Thank you.