Filter multiple items at once

hello, everyone!
I don’t have much experience with glide and I need to solve a problem I have.

It turns out that I have a screen with several elements, all of these elements are data grids, and I need to filter that data by month but it only filters the data of one grid, I need a filter that does this exercise for all the elements. It’s possible?

I am attaching an image so that it is better understood.

Each Data Grid can have it’s own filter.
I can’t tell for certain from your screen shot, but it looks like the filter you have is on the first Data Grid.

If you want a single filter that applies to all Data Grids on the screen, then the only way to do that is to build your own custom filter.

Is that what you want?

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Exact! That’s what I need. This way I don’t have to be filtering for each element.

Okay. So without seeing more of your App and your data structure, the best I can do is give you some general guidance…

  • The general idea is that you use a Choice component as a filter
  • The Choice component should write to a user specific column
  • You then take the value in that user specific column and use a single value column to apply it to all rows in the table (or tables) that you want to filter
  • Then use an if-then-else column to compare that single value column to the column in the data table that you are filtering by
  • And finally, the output of the if-then-else column can be used in a filter condition in your Data Grid components

The above is just a general approach. The specifics might be slightly different, depending on how your data is structured and the types of values you are filtering. For example, filtering by date ranges sometimes needs special handling. There are also other approaches - using relations, for example. But again, without knowing more about your App I can’t really say which approach would be best for you.

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