Search Functionality Addresses issues

I have an app that is built off a sheet with a LatLong column, a street address column, and a family name column. The landing tab is defaulted to maps. I have the search enabled. It used to be that when the user switched from the Map view to the list view, they could search the street they were on and see the addresses on that street. However now they can only search for the name. Is there a way to get the search to search on the street address column rather than the family name column?

Oh wait. I think I answered my own question. I had the layout setup so the Title was the Family name and the Details was the address. I switched those and now my search is looking at the addresses. So I guess the search searches whatever is in the title.

I believe the search should look at any column value that is displayed in the list or the details of each item. Not sure if it’s different for the map layout, but that’s generally how it should work.

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Jeff that’s how it used to work for me. But now it only searches which ever field you designate as Title. For the Map layout anyhow.