Search only for some fields

I understand that the search function searches all fields of the source data table.
It would be very good to be able to limit this search only to certain fields (example Name and Surname, etc…).
this can give more quality to the searches from the application and does not seem very complicated to implement.
Thanks a lot!!!

Yep, it’s a good idea. Thanks @jrox10

I sort of have the opposite request. Search boxes for each tab linked to a particular sheet only show searches for that sheet. So, in a recipe book app, for example, if there’s a tab for desserts and one for cakes, if you search in the open tab for ‘pear loaf’, you’ll only find the entries if they happen to be in that sheet (whereas a user might not know where to start their search – is it a cake or is it a pudding, for example).

It’d be good if it was possible to give options for search set-up – particular fields, sheets or all etc.

Could you have a tab with all recipes? That way if the user doesn’t know what category they should be in, they can search the All Recipes tab.


Do you know what, Jeff…you’re a marvel. That seems like a good plan. I’m so impressed with the response on this forum. Rebecca x

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