Search bar to search only in particular fields

Hi everyone,

I use a swipe screen with a search bar which is great, but I would like the search bar to search in all columns except one (“Name”), is this possible?


I don’t think there’s official documentation on this, but as long as you don’t use that “Name” field anywhere there’s a high chance it won’t be indexed for the search.

May we know what’s your use case here?

Thanks for replying.

I’m working on a dating app and there is a search bar on the swipe tab, so you can search for specific terms like your favorite book, the very precise music genre you like… But right now you can search all the information that is on the card including the name, which seems a little creepy to me.

Well since that’s a swipe layout, I don’t think there’s a way to not include names in there, assuming you have to include names in the swipe card.

I guess I will just warn users that all fields can be searched then.

Thanks again for your help!

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