How to create order history in free app

I need solution to display order history tab for each should list only order related to that particular user.i have a phone number as required field when placing the order.

So you don’t store their emails in the orders sheet right?

I imagine you can use a relation from the user profiles table to the orders table using the phone number as the connector and display that relation in an inline list.

Still not getting this order history

Attached is what my tabs are

Now I’m getting email in my table

Now I need order history for that particular user.

I don’t know which field to be relate.i tried meals type with email but nothing comes in the relation column.

Need help on this.!




Forgot to make email as row owner, required output came.thanks

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@ThinhDinh order history is working but I need this in some format.

I have a tab as order history displaying orders showing in tiles,meals type, phone number,date and time.

Now I need to change the format as displaying all the orders of a particular date into one.

Today date

Yesterday date

So on…

How to achieve this?

Filter your list by date “is within today” , etc.

For yesterday, etc, use a Math column to get the value for Date - 1 (where Date is your order date), then filter your list using that “yesterday” result.

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