Linking Order IDs Between 2 Tabs By Search

I HAVE to be overthinking this but I can’t seem to get what I’m trying to implement to work. I’ve watched every tutorial 4-5 times and browsed any related discussion topic without luck.

I am trying to create an app for my eCommerce business where customers can search my app with their order number and see details about the order including progress, their tracking link, etc.

I have 1 tab that holds ALL of my data from any open order. I would like the customer to be able to go through an initial onboarding process where they input their respective Order ID. Once that is submitted, it would be matched to the main data tab and their respective information (only) would show in detail.

I feel like this shouldn’t be as difficult as it’s been so any help is sincerely appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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Yes create a form that adds username and general info you want. On the page that has all of your orders you should have a column your using to identify the user, that would be an email or username or userid, this should match their username they signed up with. Make that column on the orders a owners column/row owner

Then when they access that page you can set all orders in a inline list go to filters and filter by email. Filter by signed in user

What that will do is only show the signed in user rows that their email is on.

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Thanks so much for your response!

Am I understanding correctly that given those steps I’ll have to manually make the user an “admin” every time someone logs in to the app for the first time/before they can actually see the order details?

I was hoping to have it streamlined to where it would automatically find the corresponding order and its show the row’s information accordingly.

Also, not sure if it matters but just wanted to note that none of the information is really super “confidential”, I just want the user to only see details to their specific order.

My hope is that this would almost work like a simple search where the order number is plugged in and an “Orders” tab will appear with their information immediately after.

Thanks again for your help!

No, that just makes everyone own their own rows. so if they ordered something it would be identified to you in the same manner, they would just be able to see their own. Calling it row owners is just how Glide identifies the separation of rows and their visibility among the apps users. And to the search system, yes it would work that way, you enable search for the inline list in its features tab and it automatically knows how to search using the criteria provided.

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Awesome! Will keep you updated! Thanks again!