Private applications from my clients

Hi everyone! Im a broker on a comodity exchange. So in my app i have upcoming trading days, actual prices etc. I want to my cleints sending me a buying orders, but only visible to them in a orders list. This is a question, how do i make it possible? Im new in glide. Thanks in advance!
I can link to my app but it is russian.

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Hello sir,

I can see app is user profile enabled. Please also enable row owners, it you have not already done so.
There are a few ways you can achieve this. I don’t know anything about structure of your app and how you have set things up, but seeing as it’s a pro app, let’s keep things simple.

  1. Create a new table called “orders” (name it whatever you like).
  2. On the tab where you have button asking app users to place order, do following:

2(a) set button to add new row or use button as form. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I would suggest using a form if you are not too familiar with their similarities and differences.
2(b) set the destination sheet/table as “orders”.
2(c) use all the screen column values you need (this is where the advantages and disadvantages are at play). With a form you can skip all the nonsense associated with adding a new row. Make sure the user email is included.
2(d) on submission, the orders sheet will add a new row.
2(e) you can do several things but I would suggest only enabling row owners on the orders sheet. Now, the order is only visible to the row owner (which is what you want). Next big Q. Where do you want the orders sheet row to be displayed:
2(e)(i) on a new tab?; or
2(e)(ii) existing user profile tab (assuming one already exists).
2 (f) new tab- use orders sheet as source.
2(g) user profile tab- add orders sheet inline list. You might or might not need to create any relations depending on how you go about it.
Do you need access to orders sheet, just in case you are away from your computer or travelling, and need to quickly see all new orders in-pp?

If yes, send your email with every new row added. If using sheet, send user email as email 1, and yours as email 2. If tables, add a second row owner (this time as your email).

Thank you.