Need to display only orders ordered by that user


Need to display only that particular orders ordered by that user.its now displaying all the to do it.

Or another option


If I am the user1 ordering something, that must shows in order history n that shouldn’t display to other this can be achieved?

Scenario 2:

I need every orders ordered should display to the dashboard of admin.this one I achieved but how to achieve the above one.

Simply asking order history of user1 display to only user1,user2 order history for user2.

Like we showed above, you will need to apply a filter or row owners. Your orders will need the email address of the signed in user included in the order row. That way you can apply a filter (not data secure) or apply row owners (much more secure, but you will also need to include columns with admins that are also row owners so they can see the data as well).