Creating Order History (Timeline)

Good morning,

I’m trying to create an Order History (Timeline) at my glide app.

Has anyone already created something similar, or, know an expert who I can hire for help?


I created this a while back…it involved quite a bit of CSS.

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That would be a nice component to have

the simple way is to replace list images from empty to checkmark… if you need solid vertical line transform to dots…, that will be complicated CSS… just a solid line… not that hard, to change the opacity of the list items once they are checked … a little bit of CSS

Thanks everyone for the answers and insights.

About the layout, it doesn’t need to be exactly like in the example, a simple list with timestamps and status will do.

The important thing is to be able to store the entire history (status change and timestamp) of an object in a single row so that it doesn’t generate a new row per update.

Any insight about how to build that?

add a template column to create a new record… old_record#staus^timestamp and overwrite old_record with the new template… change join characters if you are using them in status, so later when you split the record, it wont create the problem

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