Creating an Order Timeline everytime a Status Changes in Glide

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to build an order timeline for a Glideapp.

I would like that, every time the order status changes (the user can change the status via a choice component), this change is saved in a column with a timestamp, and, each change appears in an order timeline similar to this image:

Does anyone know how to create something similar?

Thanks in advance!

To show a list like this, i think it would be easiest to add a row for each status update using an on submit action that is tied to the edit button.

You could just edit the entry over and over and create a new timestamp each time, but you would be overwriting the values each time, so you’d lose the “history”.

If you had a defined number of possibilities, you could create enough columns to store each possible status and timestamp on the same row and display it that way too. In this case, you’d just need to edit the original row each time and create placeholders for each possibility in your app.


I thought about creating 10 columns as I think it’s the maximum number of updates an order will have, and using them, but the problem is that I’ll also need an additional column for the timestamps, so it’ll be 20 columns.

Do you think the Glide app / Google Sheet performance will decrease with that many columns?

No that number of additional columns should not be an issue. I have an app with over 200 columns in a Glide Table and it’s fine!

This not exactly the same design and layout but it may help you achieve what you want.

Take a look at this.

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I did have a timeline set up like this with XC & webview, but the downside is you can’t access each single row (if you ever need it).


Hi @ThinhDinh , the timeline is dynamic?

Yes, it is dynamic. Each of those are rows in a Logs sheet.

As I said, it’s purely for viewing purposes, you can’t click on each of those and access the related row, so it’s a bit limited.

Sorry what is XC?

It’s what we abbreviate “Experimental Code” as.

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