Timeline Element?

I’m trying to create a timeline element for project management, but I can’t find this feature. Is it possible to do this in Glide Page?
I’m attaching the Airtable Interface version of what I’m trying to do.

Have you tried the Calendar component?

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Yes, thanks! It does just show a calendar though. It works okay for this use, but it won’t go beyond month view, so it’s a little awkward compared to a Timeline.

It would be a lot more work to set up, but it is possible to do Gantt Charts with quickchart, which integrate quite nicely with Glide.


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Yeah…can’t charts in Pages would be nice…quick chart is a good alternative but the details aren’t clickable

This definitely looks like it can do what I need, but does it update if the data changes on the Glide data sheet?

Also, it’s sort of beyond my skill level. Are there any tutorials that a novice could use?

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Check the below thread for lots of ideas…

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