How to create navigation links

How do I create these navigation links: Link

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what do you exactly need? you can use the link component for this

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Ooops…thank you, it was meant to be a link to the screenshot. I fixed it (I hope).
Where do I find the link component?

in buttons section

But if I use this, the link will be added to a different screen, I want to add it to the user profile screen where the logout button is.

Hola @nikatronic

What exactly are you looking to accomplish?

there is no control over the default User Profile screen, you can create your own

I’d like to add a messages button to the app menu that takes you to the chat screen when it is clicked.

Lisa used a button like this in her app.

you mean you wanna add link to the left side MENU ?


but you already have chat tab by default, just make it visible and drag dawn to MENU

Ah no, I already created a 1:1 chat in a detail screen (with the help of some really patient folks here :joy:) and I can access it via the regular tabs, but I thought it would be nice to add a button in the app menu as well that would link to the messages. It’s not really important, just a little detail.

you cant add buttons in side menu, you can drag TABs there… like your chat tab or tab with the button to chat

Ah interesting. How? From the side where the sheets are listed?

no, where the tabs are listed, drag down under MENu

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Ah, now I understand how it works. But then I can only have it either in the tabs or the menu, right?

yes, unless you duplicate the tab

Ok. If I understanding what you want. You have to add a button and give the action go to tab.

It will take you to that tab even if the tab is on the side menu.

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Ok thank you guys for explaining! :slight_smile:

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