Direct link to the signin

My app has certain features that are specific to the users. When a ‘guest’ user reaches that page I want to provide them with a link to signing in so that their information can be looked up. Is there a link I can provide or a better way to do this ?

If you enable user profiles, the sign in option will appear in the upper left menu. You can use that to allow the user to sign in.

Actually I enabled that but the upper left menu show up only when I goto the user profile setup area. Not anywhere else… (See the second screenshot)

I would have expected a signin option on the top left of the page ?

Did I misunderstand what you said ?

If I understand this right, you want a login option in a “view details” screen, which is not possible.

Thanks. My original question was whether there is a way to provide a link to that page that can redirect the user to the login page

I don’t think there’s an option other than adding a “favorites” button.

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The menu will only show when you are at the top level of any tab. If you have drilled down into any list details or further levels deep, then you will not see the menu and instead see a back button.