How to create cell relationships?

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I am currently building a section in my app where users can assign tasks to other users. For example I can add a task to “Bob’s to do list”, when I add this task it will show up on Bobs to do list as well as my own list of items I have assigned that are outstanding. The issue of concern for me is I have buttons in the app so Bob can delete the item when he has completed this task. The problem that occurs is it does not delete the item on my end.

The way I have set this up so far is when someone adds a task to someones to do list it adds two rows in the spreadsheet. The first row is for the specific person it is assigned to and the second row is for the person who assigned the task that way both people can see there outstanding items and it is only seen by the specific people it relates too.

How do I make it so when a person completes the task it deletes the item on both rows rather than just one?

Furthermore does anyone know if you have the private pro version how often it will sync data with google sheets if it has formulas. All it says online is it will sync data with the private pro plan on its own but how often?

How about writing only one row with two user columns that are filtered by either user or use Row Owners applied to both columns? Then you only have to work with a single row instead of two.

Syncing depends on a lot of things. It’s usually within a few seconds, but can take up to a few minutes. It largely depends on how long it takes for the sheet formulas to run and if glide rechecks for updated data within the time that the formulas run. What type of formulas you are running in the sheet? Is it after a data update from glide, or some process independent of glide? Is glide checking for updates, or is google sending the updates? There isn’t a clear cut answer, but, but no more than a few minutes is to be expected. The more calculations you perform in glide, and the less you rely on google sheet formulas, will lead to a better and much much faster experience for the user. Also, you always have the option to turn on background sync, which will do a guaranteed check for sheet updates every few minutes.

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the quick reply! That is a good idea to make it into a single row. My concern with this is by having it into two rows on the main page it will automatically separate the data based on items that are assigned to you vs items you assigned to someone else. Is there a way to create a similar organization strategy while doing only one row?

As for the sheet updates, thank you for the detailed response that clears up some questions. What I want to be able to do is have orders from our website go straight to a google sheet using web-hooks then from there I want to create a pick list and fulfilment process to create a streamlined process. I have not started this section of the app but will begin it later this week. I know it’s possible but I have some complicated tasks that have to be completed so I know it will be a difficult project.