How to create a personal account for users

I am creating a marketplace. I want to make a personal account or personal area, in the menu for the user. This cabinet must be visible only to the user to whom it belongs and must serve for the personal accounting of the user.

Use the user profile ability to create your personal space and then use tab visibility to present it to the user only with signed in user

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Thank you Yinon,
I did that, but my users see my profile and my added items. If a user adds an item, I see it in my profile. My app will be public and each user must have the right to edit the items they have added.

Do you consider using public with email?

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@Elyor_Abdurazakov: Have your users onboarded themselves, or did you create their listings for them?

From my understanding, users would need to actively sign up to your app and then using a form create their listings. That would then give them ‘ownership’ of the content which they would be able to edit thereafter.

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Yes, for the creation of the app by email, but, when it is functional and ready to use, I will switch to password mode to make registration easier.

Hi Garrison,
My marketplace is intended for the sale of agricultural products of peasants allowing at the same time to manage the farm (production and stock), animals, plants, crops etc.
Users are not integrated, each farmer registers himself.
Each user passes the registration and completes their profiles on the form already prepared. They enter the personal data requested on the form (for example: my profile).
Basically there will be 2 parts, production and market. The production part is private. The market part is public. I almost finished the public part. The products are displayed in the market. However, the private part also becomes public. All user production information is visible to all users. However, I have already marked “visibility email sign in user”.

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@Elyor_Abdurazakov: That all sounds good, and you clearly know what you are doing. I think your description will enable others here to offer you a solution.

Good luck with your marketplace.

You might need to include screenshots. You mentioned setting visibility where the email is signed in user. This may need to be a filter instead. Also, make sure you are using relations instead of just showing all the data from a sheet.