How to create a multiple relation column

Hello everyone. I am stuck on creating a list relation column between a major and the internship. Please review a few screenshots for review.

Have you created a multiple relation column in your Majors table? If you have the relation column already, then when you are viewing the details for one of the majors, you can add an inline list and point it to that relation column.

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I’m sorry for the late reply @Jeff_Hager. Thank you so much I think I just created the relation. My next question is how would I remove the images from the background so that the viewer would see the position of each internship? The screenshot is below for you to review

If you select the inline list component in the lower left portion of the editor, then you can adjust It’s settings on the right hand side. You can select different list layouts and pick which column information is displayed in the list.

Thank you @Jeff_Hager

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