How to create a 'hint' for when inline list is empty

Ok I’m weary to even consider this bc if afraid to cause a big mess but let’s say I entertained actually doing it this way…lol… Will this solution still work for an ‘inclusive’ filtering system. This was my biggest problem. Most filtering is done as exclusive options so it doesn’t need to be so exact. But when filtering inclusively it’s needs to be a combination of the exact options selected which is why the AND was so important. I also have some choice options where users can choose multiple options, and some where they can only choose one option. Every type I tried to use “is included in” or “is not included in”, it didn’t filter right.

It can work for any type of filtering, and there are a few different approaches that can be used, depending on how your data is laid out. You can even create complex dynamic filters with zero filter conditions on your components if you try hard :wink:

As your filtering needs become more complex, it becomes more of a challenge, but at the same time the benefits become greater. I promote this approach a lot, because I have a personal preference for keeping as much logic as possible inside the data editor.

From what I’ve seen of your app, I’ll admit that yours could be a bit of a challenge. But I’m sure it could be done.

But at the same time - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it :wink:


I really like Darren and Jeff’s ideas put together:

“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (Darren) + “Another much simpler option is to place a hint component at the bottom of the screen that says ‘End of Results’.” (Jeff) → If things are working keep them as is and add an “End of results” hint box at the end. Et voilà. :wink:


Thank you! :raised_hands:

If you can filter in the row - do it. Saves a lot of headaches especially if you have to recreate the filters somewhere else. This was my challenge - but for a one-off (or two-off) than filter-palooza is fine.

The bigger deal is when you want to mix AND plus OR in the same filters - cause Glide does not handle that well. In this case putting as much filtering within the row resolving to a TRUE/FALSE enables you to add more localized filters/choices at the screen/tab level without creating crazy local logic to get around the only AND or OR filter logic.

It’s called no-code, but not really. Logic design is code :grin:


totally makes sense. the AND and OR was actually a little hard to get around and i did start mixing screen and table visibilities together to solve for that, i will probably try to slowly shift them over to the table so i don’t break the whole damn thing.



Sorry, I’m about a year late to this discussion. I think I found another way to handle this issue.

  1. I added a “Query” column to the “Users” table (named it “Blank=empty list”).
  2. In the “Query” column, I set the filters to be the same as my list filters.
  3. In the List Layout, I added the image and text that I wanted to show when the list is empty.
  4. I made that image and text only visible when the “Query” cell of the user is empty.

The query is essentially re-creating the list in that cell. I set the “limit” to 1, just because that’s all that needs to be in there for it to not show as empty.

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Good use case of Query :wink: It has been introduced very recently, so contributing to older posts like this helps!