Empty Inline List

I am doing a search and showing results in an inline list. Where there are no results nothing appears.

How can I make something (text component) show up when result set is empty.

Is this your API search with a working/helper table?

yes correct, this is the same working/helper table from the other thread.

So I am searching for a ID in a history table, and if there are no results in the history table, I want to show something like “No results”

What you could do is create an IF column that determines if a row should be shown or not. Probably very similar to your list filter. If the row should be shown, then have the IF column return ‘true’, else ‘false’. Then add a Rollup column that sums all of the true values. Finally you can add a component that becomes visible if the rollup count is 0.

The bonus, is that you can use this same IF column for your list filter as well.


:slight_smile: Simplicity at its best… Once again thanks Jeff.

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