Display Text when a table is empty

When there are no items in a list to display, is there a way to display text that says something like “no items to display”? It seems that visibility of static text is dependent on the existence of data.

Hi @Misty_Meadows

You can add visibility on the component via Features like below and then add custom text.

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 2.05.12 AM



Or use an if-then-else column in the GDE. If [column] is empty then display “Nothing to display”. Then use the if-then-else column in the table.

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My situation is that it’s not an empty table, but the filtering doesn’t display any rows. It’s a pretty long filter to have to copy manually. Is there an alternative?

You can build an if then else column that takes into account all of your filters, I usually give it boolean values. Then use a rollup with True/False values, I believe there is a “some true” option.

Have a text saying “No items to show” that is shown when the rollup equals 0/is False or something like that.

Good idea - Thanks!

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