How to contact support - billing concern

How to contact support?
I just enable the unlimited usage for update as I reach my update quota (2500) 2 days ago for legacy plan (Starter).
Now I receive an email that my updates become 3,782/2500 which very impossible to happen as there is no way it can get updated in huge leap. Now the bill is higher than expected.

BTW the contact support as per screen shot is no longer available.

Use the Chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the Glide Builder.

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Hi Darren,

Hope your doing good.
Appreciate your swift reply.
I did try to use the chat bubble but it is not working (no response when click, I did relogin already.) But I will give a try using another browser.

It is not really working.
Any other way to contact billing team?


Im not sure what im missing, I already check on that before posting and that support page look like a support guide or known concern, I cannot post or ask directly about my concern.

Update: the chat bubble on that page works :slight_smile:


anyone in here from support team? its been a while and no update and no response from the team