Hierarchical viewing/roll up of data

Hey Glide Support and @david

I went into billing and clicked on Questions/“Contact Support” and it sent me to the generic support page with “login/sign up” in the top right. So I logged in, went to my portal and clicked on billing. Clicked on “Contact Support” again
and it sent me to the generic support screen with “login/sign up” in the upper right.

Pretty sure this is NOT how 'Contact Support" is supposed to work when you are already logged in.

I need to understand pricing and how to upgrade to the new Plan (which I thought automatically happened).


Did you try this link?

I clicked on the link that said “Questions, Our support team will be happy to help.” with a button titled “Contact Support”

I have never seen this URL .

IMHO, I do not think I should have to hunt down how to contact support when their is a button titled “Contact Support” on the billing page.

Thanks though - it is amazing how much the Glide community knows about Glide internals!

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Maybe this is something you can raise to the support team to, if the experience is not “right”.


Here’s the link


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I will wait on filing this - I think @Robert_Petitto gave me the solution.



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