How to add a new item to an inline list?

I am stuck on this and have asked similar questions in the past but still stuck, so I thought I would give a bit more information.

In a CRM app I am building I have a list of Companies and when I click on the company record I go to the details screen for that company, as expected. On this details screen I have an inline list of contacts for that company (uses a relationship field to show for only that company) which works perfectly fine. See the image below:

If this was a separate tab and was a list, of course I could have the ability to add a new contact but that would be an extra step I wanted to avoid. I have tried instead to use a button with a custom action to create a new contact.

I have used Add Row which works fine as I can have it populate the new contact with company name and the user info. But I can’t figure out a next step to view an input form to edit that new record. I have used the Show Details, Edit, Form and New but it doesn’t show the form for this new contact. The only option available is “This item” but it doesn’t show this newly added contact record, it shows the company record details from the company I was currently viewing.

Is there any way to use a button like this to create a new contact record and have the form show so I can enter the details for that new contact?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


Any reason why you’re not using a form button to create a new contact? Typically what I do Is to use a form button to enter in some preliminary data about that contact and then the and submit action, visit the show edit screen for this item.


Well damn, that was too easy.

I hadn’t thought about doing that and using the default content for each field. I can set the company name and record owner to be pulled from the current company name. Holy hell, how did I miss that??

Well, going to hide under my rock now. Bye!

(thank you, RP)

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Hey, that’s what we’re here for. There are so many ways to accomplish desired functionality in Glide. The forum is the place for us to help each other do it most efficiently :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Thanks, RP. You are always willing to help and do so with patience. Very cool of you!