How to add a contact to a company from the company screen?

Hello from France (my apologizes in advance for my English mistakes)

I am building an app for a BtoB company, managing companies / contacts linked to companies / projects (and tasks inside each project)

When I am on a company screen, I want to add a button to add a contact inside of this company.

I was able to add a button to go to the Contacts tab, but i then see all contacts and I need to choose the company when I add the contact.
I would like to be able to directly open the ‘New contact form’, with the Company Name prepopulated (as I I click on this button from the Company details screen)
I can’t see a way to achieve that.

Do you have any idea how this could be possible ?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Patrick,

You can use screen column value in the form screen!

Similar one that Folders and Images : List of documents - #6 by Dilon_Perera

Thank you


Thanks a lot Dilon
I did not know about screen column value
I will digg that

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Hello Dilon
Just to confirm that it works now perfectly, using column values
Thanks for having given me the hint !


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