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I am developing idea crowdsourcing app. Users should be able to attach one or more documents. Attaching one documet in the column “Document” is no problem. But how can I design this functionality simpler than implementing new table “Documents” related with RowID and adding new row for each document? Same applies for series of images for one row!

You don’t have much of an alternative if you want to keep it all in Glide. Only thing you could do is offer multiple “Document” columns, but then you’re capping how many documents can be attached to any one idea.

tnx, of course this is known to me, but not kosher! Somewhere in templates I have seen that multiple images are displyed (some real estate app). How can it be done?
Now I set up extra table “Documents” related to main table with rowID, it seems to be rather simple and effective.

Yes…this is the recommended solution.

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Tnx for agreement, but actually I can’t bring this approach to the functioning solution! Do you have some simle template/example how can the user add document card to the related parent record?

I’m developing a app called Folders for my Dad to organize his work nicely because he is now old and his memory is getting old! :slightly_smiling_face: So with this my Dad can create folders ( like 5/13/2022 bills, special documents ) and upload images,documents,videos and notes. And I’m converting this app for my studies too to categorize the subjects and add the homework given on that day so that I can easily look at that and do the homework’s and I don’t forgot them :wink:

I made two videoa that may help here! Hope this can help you!

In Glide App :

In Glide Pages :

Thank you

Tnx a lot, your tutorial gave me the hint for solving my issues!